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Your Watch, Three Continents in the Making

None 7,094,000,000.

That’s the current number of people living in the world...

A significant portion of whom are at least indirectly responsible for your new watch.

Ready your wrists for Boca MMXII, a Mexico-based timekeeping outfit that’s constructing their game-changing watches with help from several different continents, online and shipping internationally for the first time now.

The main things to know about these watches: they look sharp. They tell time. Both very important. But you might also care to learn the following:

They spared no import tax. The movements were made by some horological masterminds in Japan. The leather was shipped from England and Italy. The handmade build work was done in Mexico. Globalization: it’s a beautiful thing.

This can go one of 123 ways. That’s how many different styles and colors you’ll have to choose from here. They all have a clean-looking dial. They all have a braided-leather strap. It’s just that some are more summer-appropriate (think the blue-on-pink number) than others.

Remember the Mayan apocalypse of 2012... Well, apparently, these watches were inspired by it. Hence the MMXII inscription on each and every face.

Classic feel-good end-of-the-world story.

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