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An All-Day Sidewalk Café on 14th Street

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You’re not the type of person to hang out in one spot all day and just watch the world go by.

Unless you have some good reasons. Like:

1) Coffee.
2) Wine.
3) A sunny patio on which to summon all that coffee and wine.

So give a big alfresco welcome to Bar di Bari, a Euro-ish café that exists almost more outside than in, opening tomorrow morning on 14th Street.

It’s not that you can’t still be a doer here. You can. It would involve heading to the coffee bar inside, ordering up a row of espresso shots, zucchini bread and a wi-fi password, and getting to work on your next noir crime novel (or your first).

Look, there’s some seats inside. A tiled, five-seat bar. Or a leather chair under an archway. And that’s all fine. If it’s raining.

Otherwise, you’ll take things out to the patio along R Street and soak up some vitamin D. Hang out there long enough, and servers will start bringing you charcuterie plates and meatball sandwiches.

Stick around even longer, and you’ll be asking them for one of the 20-odd wines by the glass or a beer.

You can still call it “work.”

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