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A Teddy Roosevelt–Themed Spot Below Dupont

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Teddy Roosevelt. Iconoclast. Trust buster. Mustache wearer. Carrier of big sticks.

And now, bar namesake.

The owners of Lincoln have gone back to the presidential well with Teddy & the Bully Bar, an elegant-yet-unstuffy dining room and most unstuffy bar, taking reservations now for a Monday opening in the old Sam & Harry’s space.

Everywhere you look here: Teddy. The Mount Rushmore–inspired fresco next to the big, roomy bar. The animal heads on the walls. The chandelier made from old monocles. Heck, you can sit at a table near the window and see his old row house across the street.

But back to that bar. Great spot for one of those tie-loosening, oyster-shooter-drinking moments after work. Or investigating their three barrel-aged drinks, like the rum-and-maraschino-based Rough Rider.

Should drinks turn to dinner, head for the dark and secluded booth named for Teddy’s daughter. A baker turns out Parker House rolls right in the middle of the dining room, so start there while you choose between apple-cider-glazed Berkshire pork and pastry-crusted meat loaf.

Oh, and if you’re looking to raise some cash, turn to the glass-enclosed private rooms in back for your next fundraiser, with their fireplaces and faux-birch forests.

Remember: only you can prevent faux-birch forest fires.

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