The Bar Room

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A Skylighted Beauty of a UES Bar

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You like things that say what they are.


Lunch boxes.

Baked goods.

Battering rams.

Grilled cheese.

Hang gliding.

Sword fights.

And now, this...

Enter The Bar Room. You know what it is, and it’s now open on the UES.

The people behind Periyali and Bar Six are behind this. It’s one of those places that reminds you you’re in New York and just what that means. Specifically: immediate post-labor consumption of oysters, cheeseburgers, pints and martinis amongst dark woods and leather.

Said consumption will mostly happen in a forest-green tufted banquette lining the room past the bar. There’s a huge skylight and a floral wall mural above, and you can tackle a limited menu for now that includes chimichurri steak and salmon tartare (“limited” being a relative term).

That bar, though—we won’t hedge. It’s art. Spend some time alone there. Reflect on the meaning of bars. This one’s 32 feet of mirror-backed drinking perfection carved 124 years ago out of African mahogany. There’re only eight like it in the world (five are in museums).

Start there. Get whiskey. They’ve got a glass cabinet of the good stuff next to the built-in pendulum clock.

The good stuff’s always next to the pendulum clock.


The Bar Room
117 E 60th St
(between Lexington and Park)
New York, NY, 10022


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