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Skewered Meats and Japanese Vodka in Brickell

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Look, we didn’t want to be the ones to tell you this, but...

Your grill. It needs a break. Those kebabs yesterday nearly pushed it over the edge.

Time for some deserved time off.

Because here comes Sumi Yakitori, a pristine temple of skewered grilled meats and the Japanese vodkas that love them, now soft-open in Brickell.

You’ve been to Momi Ramen, the noodle joint next door. This is from the same guy. His new place: marble-brick walls, a white granite bar and shelves stocked with Japanese vodka. Instead of noodles, he’s churning out small plates of bamboo-skewered meats grilled over white Japanese charcoal.

Sounds like something you can get behind.

Bring a friend tonight and settle in at the bar. Things are pretty informal here, so feel free to start shouting out your order to the chefs manning the grills. Chicken gizzard. Kurobuta sausage. Quail eggs wrapped in juicy bacon. Shots of shōchū. They’ll hand you your items. You’ll eat. You’ll drink. You’ll shout some more. Good stuff.

And you know how their noodle spot is only open until midnight... Well, good news. You have until 3am to get your fill of skewered proteins here. Every day except for Tuesdays. That’s when they’re closed.

We assume that’s his poker night.


Sumi Yakitori
21 SW 11th St
Miami, FL, 33130


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