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Downtown’s New Temple to Tequila and Guac

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Take your average destination restaurant downtown.

It probably looks magnificent. Great for a power lunch confab. Or a change-up date spot on the weekend.

But... it can get a little stuffy.

That’s okay. Nothing tequila can’t solve.

Say hello to MXDC Cocina Mexicana, a stunner of a new Mexican spot by celeb chef Todd English, opening for dinner on Wednesday.

This split-level space that used to house Galileo III now looks like a room out of a Mexican oil baron’s mansion—smoked glass, walls of wine, chandeliers made from bent wood, iron and chains.

And you can take it one of two ways here. If it’s just the two of you, head down the steps, pick a dark corner table and get started on bottled tequila cocktails, whipped up on the spot, injected with CO2 and capped before being served tableside. Then it’s on to grilled octopus tacos, lobster-corn guacamole and pineapple-chile popsicles.

If you’re celebrating, make a reservation for upstairs and look to the family-style plates like Seven Chile Lamb Shank and whole grilled branzino. In your glasses: tequila from their 120-strong list, available in carafes with stuff like citrus, seasoned salt and “cocoa dust.”

Try to keep it out of your eyes.

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