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Bivalves and Cocktails on the LES

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Look, we could make this a whole big thing.

But it’s Friday.

And you’ve had zero gin so far.

And we know how you get when you’ve had zero gin on a Friday...

So observe Sel Rrose, a French-inspired cocktail joint and raw bar with a slight thing for Dada, now soft-open on the LES.

Maybe you’ve imbibed at Home Sweet Home or Fig 19—the other places these folks operate. With this one, they’ve perfected the pre- and post-date drink spot. A low-key, candlelit corridor of meticulously exposed brick where you, your evening’s company and a long marble bar all get to know each other over Island Creek oysters and at least one cocktail inspired by a perfume bottle that features a cross-dressing Duchamp (naturally).

Your two geographical choices: grab a bistro table opposite the bar—recommended for any fans of gin-vermouth-beer-vanilla-bean-sea-salt-and-champagne blends. (That’d be the Duchamp-inspired Belle Haleine.) Or sneak around the corrugated glass wall. There’s a smaller room that, starting Thursday, will be a dedicated raw bar. 

And there are more plans afoot as well. The kinds of plans that include weighty wine lists and stone-cherub champagne fountains.

Cherub service—about time.

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