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Eating Red Meat in a Bishop Arts Cabin

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You know those times when you’re hungry and can’t decide whether to eat wild boar, elk or rabbit, so you just get all three...


Oh, well, in case that ever happens to you...

Here’s Waldron Lodge, a little wood cabin full of draft beers and wild game, opening for dinner tomorrow night in Bishop Arts.

Maybe you’re a hunter. Maybe you’re a gatherer. Maybe you’re just a person who wants some pulled-boar chilaquiles. Either way, here’s your place. A lodge where walls are wooden, deer heads are mounted and bar stools are covered with animal hides.

Don’t come here expecting a salad (actually, they’ve got three). But rather, come here for meat. Lots of meat. Like duck tacos. Those would taste good at the L-shaped wooden bar. And rabbit sausage stew. That’d be nice with one of those 12 draft beers. Something from Goose Island seems to fit the theme.

And if you make your way out back, you might notice a big empty space. It’ll be a patio soon. The kind with picnic tables and a small stage for hosting bands.

If you squint real hard... it still looks like an empty space right now.

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