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Your Own Personal Closet in Tribeca

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Shirts are not to be trusted.

They’re crafty. They’re wily. And if you’re not careful, they might just... not fit you.

You need to take control.

This should help...

It’s ManuelRacim, a swatch-filled Tribeca studio of custom shirting. It’s from a couple Parisian high school chums named—wait for it—Manuel and Racim, and it’s now open. Here’s the knowledge you require to take full advantage of its splendor...

It looks like a 1920s Parisian parlor.
Well, one with rotating walls, a silly amount of Italian fabric and a marble bar. Also: a gold-brocaded fitting room. Very subtle.

There’s a touchscreen mirror. Touch it.
First, you’re measured. Then, you choose a fabric. (Rub some. Say, “Hmm, good stuff.” Or... don’t.) Finally, over to that mirror. A screen appears on it, and you use it to choose a style, a fit type (with the help of your tailoring consultant, of course), a collar, cuffs, buttons. You know, shirt stuff.

Your shirt is speedy.
Once you’ve finished Minority Report–ing your way through the perfect shirt design, that design goes on a Parisian vacation to a century-old shirtmaking atelier. In two weeks, max, the shirt will be gloriously adorning your torso.

Cue Tom Petty’s “The Waiting.”


44 Hudson St
(between Duane and Thomas)
New York, NY, 10013


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