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A Pizza Spot with Limoncello Slushies

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Plenty of chatter lately about how DC is enjoying something of a gilded age right now. How we’re living high on the hog here.

Maybe they’re just jealous. Of all the new pizza.

Exhibit K: Arcuri, a new subterranean bastion of wood-fired pies and creative drinking, soft-opening tonight.

A couple things make this place different from the other new pizza spots. For starters, it’s not on 14th Street, but rather in Glover Park, so it’s got that going for it. Also, they’re whipping up limoncello in the back, and pouring it straight up or dumping it into a slushy machine.

So given that it’s 90 out, you may want to start there, at the bar. Couple big TVs. Nice place to check in on the NBA Finals while you peruse the 14 drafts.

But, inevitably, your attentions will turn to the brick oven behind you, and what it’s turning out. Namely, pizzas arrayed with speck, apples and gorgonzola. Or maybe pancetta, smoked potato and fontina.

If you’re feeling a bit more ravenous, that oven also turns out a pork chop with vinegar peppers, and Pollo al Diavolo, a spicy, roasted half chicken.

Try it. Unless you’re half chicken.


2400 Wisconsin Ave NW
(between Calvert and Hall)
Washington, DC, 20007


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