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Bacon Burgers in a Sunlit Courtyard

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You and sunlight have a good thing going.

It keeps you warm. It lets you wear sunglasses without looking stupid. It shines majestically on Downtown courtyards full of bacon burgers...

Find those shades for Bunker Hill Bar & Grill, an inviting new indoor-outdoor pub from the owner of Le Ka, soft-open for lunch as of today. (And open until 2am soon.)

You’ll find this place overlooking Grand Avenue, with lots of tables and sun out in the courtyard, surrounded by LA’s finest patch of “skyscrapers.” And you might not find anything more than that, if you never go inside. Because... courtyard. It’s kind of great out here.

Of course, if you do go inside, you’ll see 11 TVs, skylights, a wall of windows that open up and—this being Downtown, yes—exposed pipes overhead. But wherever you end up, expect some short ribs, fried chicken or bacon burgers to happen. Or, for the duration of six-inch-inseam-swim-trunk season, salmon with grilled vegetables.

For now, this is your new lunch go-to anytime it’s nice out. But soon (once they get their liquor license, basically), it’ll be your easy courtyard-cocktail go-to.

Can’t have too many of those.

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