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A Catalan Gastropub on Brickell Ave

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Five o’clock.

It’s almost here. Really.

And soon, you’ll be faced with a crucial decision.

A) Grab some takeout, or...

B) Surround yourself with a vast spread of cured meats and Spanish beer.

Try not to overthink it.

Give a hearty saludo to Perfecto, an ambitiously named Spanish gastropub stocked with charcuterie, crispy prawns and fruit-laden wine, now open in Brickell.

Spain. Sure, you could make the transatlantic flight for some ibérico ham, but... nah. Besides, LeBron needs you. The Heat need you. The Heat Dancers need you. Hey, duty calls.

Your solution: this place. Rustic, wood-paneled walls. Long, cushioned banquettes. Cold, crisp Spanish beer. Sounds about right.

So, tonight. After work. Drop in and belly up to the bar. It’s got rioja, bottles of Mahou and watermelon-spiked sangria. Good stuff. And behind that bar: a kitchen that’s churning out crispy prawns, rotisserie chicken, fideuá (a Spanish noodle paella) and other things that sound good for supper tonight.

Which might be nice to take alfresco. Yeah, they’ve got an outdoor patio here. Sounds like a great excuse to get a little fresh air with your charcuterie.

Let your salumi flag fly.


1450 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL, 33131


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