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Trix Are for Kids. Whiskey, Not So Much.

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There are those eureka moments in human innovation.

Newton and the apple. Franklin and the kite.

Reaching for a bottle of milk for cereal and grabbing the whiskey instead...

Yup, here come Adult Cereals, five classic cereals, each sitting in a milk-based cocktail, available on Sundays at Cause.

To paraphrase President Obama, let us be clear: this probably isn’t going to displace huevos rancheros as your weekly brunch go-to. But it will be there for those select weekends when some hair of the dog seems necessary along with your milk-soaked sustenance.

The process is pretty simple: they take some choice liqueurs, shake them over ice with half-and-half, à la a White Russian, then pour them over some choice kiddie cereals (no Special K here).

Your best bet: start with the huevos rancheros, then order up one of these for a particularly fortified dessert. For a summer-camp vibe, try the Campfire Crispies, with Golden Grahams, Patrón XO Cafe and Tres Leches liqueur. Or try the Cocoa Puffs sitting in a bath of chocolate stout and praline liqueur, if you’re into chocolate.

Or going cuckoo.

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