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Short Ribs and Wine in Uptown

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That whole European bistro concept.

Charming... Lots of wine... Freshly baked everything...

It ain’t broke, that’s for sure.

And here comes someone who doesn’t intend to fix it.

Make some plans for Mercat Bistro, a polished brasserie from the folks at Saint Ann (which happens to be right next door), now open in Uptown.

Think about every European bistro you’ve ever seen. In real life, in TV life... doesn’t matter. Little marble two-tops. White tile walls. Mismatched wooden chairs. Baker’s racks. Loaves of fresh bread just kind of hanging out, looking delicious. This is that type of place.

And that type of place makes for a fine date spot. So grab a table by the window. Summon a couple French 75s and some bruschetta with anchovies. Sit, talk, reveal something vulnerable about yourself. Like, say, your immediate need for braised short ribs with celery root puree. Which... whew, good thing they have that here. Could’ve been awkward.

Oh, and should you occasionally eat during morning hours, you’re gonna like this next part. They open at 7:30 for coffee, croissants and pastries, all baked on site.

Well, not the coffee.


Mercat Bistro
2501 N Harwood St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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