Rain Check

A Weather-Savvy Alarm. Kind of Crazy.

None Every great once in a while, it happens.

A raindrop. Another one. Something called “weather.”

And when it does, everyone around you promptly forgets how to drive. The freeways plunge into chaos. You’re late for work. (And by “work,” we might mean “audition.”)

If only you could know about the weather before you woke up, so you could decide to wake up a little earlier...

Welcome to your future with AlarMe, the kind-of-genius new Android app that’ll wake you up early if a storm’s coming—available now.

We know. You don’t want to think about rain right now. You want to think about handing sunblock to someone and saying, “Could you get my back?” But that’s how the rain wins, by catching you off guard. Until now.

So get this app. Set the alarm. But... you’ll also set a secondary pre-alarm, say, 30 minutes before your standard wake-up time. The app will constantly do some crazy science-y stuff—like checking the weather online—and if a rainstorm starts pounding LA in the predawn hours, voilà. It’ll wake you up early. You’ll have more time on the roads. You’ll get to where you’re going on time. It’ll be glorious.

Well, aside from the rain.

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