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A Very French Bistro on Travis Street

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Garçon: waiter.

À point: medium rare.

Apportez-moi votre plus croustillant baguette: bring me your crustiest baguette.

Okay, great, you’re ready for dinner tonight.

Doff your beret for Le Bilboquet, a white-tableclothed bistro full of terrine this and au poivre that, now open on Travis Street.

This place comes to us straight from New York. Maybe you’ve heard of it. If not, New York is the largest city in the US. Commonly known as the “Big Apple.” Anyway, where were we... right, Le Bilboquet. It’s a sunny beacon of French art, rattan chairs and marble floors. The kind of place you might step into with a friend to discuss your favorite Truffaut films. Or maybe just to eat some tartare.

Enjoying lunch on the patio with a date: sure, you could do that here. The endive salad and foie gras terrine seem appropriate. Coming back that night for steak au poivre and frites: why, yes, you could do that, too. Though that’s more of a blue-banquette-along-the-wall sort of endeavor. One where a bottle of Bordeaux is legally required to make an appearance.

And coming soon: brunch. The New York spot was known for its rather festive affairs. Dancing on tables. Sparklers. Sing-alongs.

So, just a heads-up...


Le Bilboquet
4514 Travis St, Ste 124
Dallas, TX, 75205


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