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An App That Turns Your Drawings into Music

None Things that are important to have on you at all times: a pen, some paper and your phone.

You know, in case you need to jot down a number.

Or make a call.

Or if you’re bored and need to turn a doodle of a sailboat into a song.

Well, thank God for Tunetrace then, a new app that instantly turns photos of your drawings into electronic music for some reason, available now for iPhone.

This is like Draw Something meets Pandora. Kind of. You see, it lets you take pics of your sketches. Fair enough. But then it turns those sketches into computer programs. And then it creates a song from your pen strokes.

Apparently, that’s what they were doing instead of working on hoverboards all this time.

This’ll work to your advantage next time you’re left to your own devices for a while. Say, while you’re in a waiting room. Or a conference room. Start by drawing something curvy (pro tip: right angles make it angry). Then take a picture of it, watch some blinking lights examine the picture, and there it is: song.

It works best with sketches, but try taking random pictures of your surroundings, too. Reminder: it favors things with curvy lines.

We trust you can find some of those.

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