Hot Churro Dog

Served Up

The Hot Dog Churro

None “Why.”

Before we continue, please forget that’s a word.

Okay, good, now we’re ready to talk about hot dogs in churros.

Steel yourself for the Hot Churro Dog, a bold advancement in snacking that’s basically a distant relative (we’re talking fifth cousin twice removed) to the pig in a blanket, available now at ChurroMania.

Much like the duck-billed platypus, there’s probably no good reason for this thing to exist. But pretend it’s a Saturday. And you’ve just spent all day at the beach. Or on a patio. Or by a pool. And perhaps you’ve consumed a few adult beverages... Suddenly, a plump ballpark-style frank in a pocket of sweet fried dough seems logical. Incredibly logical, actually.

So swing by the restaurant, or wait for the ChurroMania food truck to swing by you, and then give this unholy creation its day in court. They’ll ask if you want ketchup and mustard with your Hot Churro Dog. You’ll say yes or no (we’re pretty confident it’ll be one of the two). And then you’ll take a bite.

It’ll taste... well, better than it has any right to taste. Crunchy. Sugary. Cinnamony. Beefy.

Which makes sense because it’s a hot dog in a churro.


Hot Churro Dog
available at ChurroMania
7535 N Kendall Dr #1460
Miami, FL, 33156

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