Adult Dip Flight

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An Off-Menu Cocktail Flight. In Dip Form.

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They’re pretty exceptional when dipped into things.

Guacamole. Pico de gallo. Vodka.

Hmm. You look like you could use an explanation.

You see, pico de gallo is a fresh mixture of chopped onion, tomatoes and chilies.

And vodka is... about to be poured into that.

It’s all part of the Adult Dip Flight, an off-menu trio of guacamole, salsa and pico de gallo conveniently laced with gin, tequila and vodka, respectively, available starting tomorrow night at Three Sheets.

Before we get started, a few logistics: 1) you’ve got to ask for it by name; 2) it’ll only be obtainable this summer; and 3) there’s no three. That’s all you need to know.

So head to the upstairs deck at Three Sheets. Eventually, a very large, very colorful tray will find its way to you. On it: three bowls and a bunch of chips. Treat it like you would any other flight of something. Smell it. Ponder it. Tilt your head to the side and nod approvingly like you’ve just had some kind of epiphany.

About how that gin-infused cucumber guacamole tastes like summer on a chip. Or how the vodka-laced cilantro-and-lime pico tastes like a mixture between a citrusy salad and a gimlet. Or how the pineapples in the habanero-pineapple salsa were soaked in cocoa-infused agave tequila.

Epiphanies are the greatest.


Adult Dip Flight
available at Three Sheets
6017 Sandy Springs Cir NE
Atlanta, GA, 30328


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