Trunk Show

Loads of Rare Handsomeness from London

So Trunk Clothiers. Handsome London shop. Specializes in well-made, hard-to-find wearable things.

Well, they just launched an online store. It’s handsome. And specializes in well-made, hard-to-find wearable things. 

There’s a lot to take in. So we’ve sorted through it all for you. Behold:

Your new summer jacket. It’s here.
Maybe it’s the madras blazer from Beams+. Maybe it’s the navy trench from Mackintosh (who pretty much invented trench coats). We can’t know for sure. But there are about 50 pieces of June-to-September-friendly jacketry here. You’ll know yours when you see it.

The Thai swimming trunks. They’re... Thai swimming trunks.
They go by the name of Timo. They’re all designed and handmade in Bangkok, and you’ll probably never find them in the Western Hemisphere. Which means your individuality should remain intact at the beach.

They’ve got British stuff.
Barbour jackets. London Undercover umbrellas. Nigel Cabourn military shirts. British stuff you’d expect British people to sell you.

And American stuff.
Like Gitman shirts, and some excellent garments from Engineered Garments.

 You know, in case America runs out.

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