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Sushi and Kangaroo Curry in Brickell

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And now, a look back at your last four lunches.

Sandwich. Salad. Sandwich. Salad-y sandwich (also known as a “wrap”).

So, not bad. A touch safe. A tad boring. If we could make a simple suggestion: try working some kangaroo curry into the rotation...

This is Nikko by Sunshine, a new Brickell base for sashimi, sushi rolls and the occasional bizarre meat dish, now open.

Meet Sunchai. You’re probably familiar with his work. (He was master chef at China Grill and Sushi Siam.) Now, he’s got a place to call his very own. Good for Sunchai. Also, good for you. See, his new spot’s got stuff like gold pagodas, a beatific Buddha and dark wood paneling. All key components on your maki-eating rider.

The simplest way to put this: you’re coming here for business-lunch bento-style plates (these guys treat them like an art form) and inventive sushi rolls. Like the Sake Maki. Which is a spicy salmon roll. That’s been doused in sake.

The strangest way to put this: you’re also coming here for rattlesnake rolls. And spicy curry made from animals native to Australia that have pouches and occasionally wear novelty boxing gloves. Yeah, Sunchai’s sort of crazy.

Good crazy.


Nikko by Sunshine
186 SE 12th Ter
Miami, FL, 33131


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