Record Time

The Safest Way to Chat at Work

None You’re a professional.

And whenever you’re at your place of profession, you always conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Which means you’d never, ever discuss those rumors of improper behavior between John from accounting and Diana from HR. And the photographic evidence of it left out on the copy machine. And that it was actually you and Diana instead of John and Diana.

Nope, never.

But hey, sometimes it slips.

So you may want to know about Off the Record, a new browser plug-in that lets you send and receive instant messages that self-destruct, never to be seen again, available now.

Sure, you’ve seen this technology before. Snapchat comes to mind. But this is different. This is built into your web browser.

It works like so: install the plug-in on Chrome, or soon, Firefox or Internet Explorer (apologies to any Netscape Navigator fans). Sign up. Then invite your closest professional allies to chat and... converse. And if you happen to discuss sensitive documents (or sensitive... non-documents), fear not: the messages are programmed to delete themselves five seconds after being opened.

Oh, also. If your computer has a webcam, you can take a picture and send it with the same self-destructing guidelines.

Certainly nothing bad could come of that.

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