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Hot Tubs and ’50s Swank in Australia

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Three telltale signs you’re in a magnificent ski chalet:

1) Clothing-optional hot tubs.
2) Furry rugs.
3) The remote possibility of a kangaroo sighting.

Australian. We meant Australian ski chalet...

Give a heartfelt g’day to QT Falls Creek, a palatial Australian party palace (okay, it’s a hotel) brimming with all the après-shenaniganing potential you’d expect out of such a thing, taking reservations now.

Fun fact: Australia’s ski season kicks off... today. Which means you don’t have to go any longer without snowcapped mountains. Or ski-in, ski-out gondolas. Or a steaming hot tub on your balcony. Thank God.

Your first order of business: a quick pit stop at the Stingray. That’s the straight-out-of-the-’50s lounge filled with shag rugs, beaded curtains and the scent of rich mahogany. In other words, Ron Burgundy’s living room. With better cocktails. Except for scotch cocktails. He pretty much has a lock on scotch cockta...

Anyway, at some point you might need a breather. That’s what your three-bedroom penthouse is for. It comes with a private hot tub on the balcony. All of the rooms do, for that matter. Great views of the mountains out there.

You can ski on those, you know.


QT Falls Creek
17 Bogong High Plains Rd
Falls Creek, VIC 3699
+61 3 5732 8000
official website


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