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Now in WeHo: Michael Cimarusti’s Seafood

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So, Providence. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

If not, you’re probably a reclusive hacker on some remote island, and you should get out of this nice person’s email account immediately.

Anyway. Connie and Ted’s. Michael Cimarusti’s new seafood spot. To call it much-anticipated would be a gross under-deployment of the word “anticipated.” People: it’s opening Tuesday.

Let’s back up a bit. Once upon a time, a fish walked out of water and onto land. Then someone must’ve eaten him and said, “Well, that was delicious.” A little while later—1940, to be exact—Michael Cimarusti’s grandparents got hitched. Then they taught young Michael to fish. (Turns out, that was a pretty good call.) You... might guess their names.

And now comes this pristine emporium of lobster tanks, captain’s windows and sunlight. It’s new, but they say it was established in 1940. Now you know why.

As you can see, you’re not exactly roughing it here. But it’s meant to be more casual than Providence. The kind of place where you take over 33% of the patio, order Sailor’s Delights for everybody (dry gin, strawberries, rhubarb, egg white, soda) and then just... get to it.

Chowder. Deviled oysters. Lobsters by the pound. Portuguese fish stew. Clam rolls. The herb-crusted catch of the day. And... maybe a burger.

Fresh from the burger tank.

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