Things to do for May 30, 2013

The Weekender

Playmates, the Rolling Stones and Donut Towers

The weekend is just waiting on a friend.

Wesley Willis, Tacos and a Donut Tower

Wesley Willis, Tacos and a Donut Tower

You usually go to art parties for art—which, in this case, includes a Wesley Willis drawing up for auction. But this party happens to have these, too: Taco Joint tacos, cocktails from Wood, salumi from Lula and Honey Butter fried chicken. Oh, and a Do-Rite donut tower. Which is basically art.

May 30, 6-9pm, $75, A New Leaf, 1820 N Wells St, 312-243-9088

Your Pre-Stones Pizza Hookup

Your Pre-Stones Pizza Hookup

You may need a convenient pit stop between your office and the United Center if you’re going to the Stones concert tomorrow. Also, a place that’s inspired by Exile on Main St. And a place with a $10 pizza-and-a-beer deal. If so, at Nellcôte you can get satisfaction.

May 31, pizza special 4-7pm, Nellcôte, 833 W Randolph St, 312-432-0500

Urgent Beer News from Wisconsin

Urgent Beer News from Wisconsin

Wisconsin has too much beer. They need you to drink it. So the American Club is ground zero for the Kohler Festival of Beer, a multi-venue weekend of beer tastings, barbecues, pub crawls and fun runs. Try not to confuse the last two.

A Bluesy New Street Fest in Town

A Bluesy New Street Fest in Town

Be on the lookout for a new street fest this weekend. You’ll know it by the smell of wafting barbecue (courtesy of soon-to-open restaurant Old Crow Smokehouse). And by the sounds of nine different rock and blues bands. And by your unerring sixth sense for shenanigans.

Jun 1, noon-9:30pm; Jun 2, noon-9pm; 2200-2300 blocks of N Lincoln Ave (Webster to Belden), 773-868-3010

Bikinis and Caviar. It Must Be Sunday.

Bikinis and Caviar. It Must Be Sunday.

So it’s Sunday. And it’s also June. If that doesn’t call for an all-day party featuring servers in bikinis bringing you bottles of champagne, plus shellfish towers and a few Vegas DJs... and an appearance by Playboy Playmate Crystal McCahill, we don’t know what does.

Sundays, Jun 2 through Labor Day, 11am-5pm, American Junkie, 15 W Illinois St, 312-239-0995

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