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Punch Bowls and Charcuterie in Adams Morgan

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Take your average colonial-era tavern. Not a bad place. Beer. Punch bowls. Cured meats.

But probably not Belgian beer. Or good punch bowls. Or corn dogs (not with all those wooden teeth).

Giving you more of the latter than the former: the quaint-looking Fed Restaurant, now soft-open in Adams Morgan.

Yeah, so this tiny room looks a bit like a place where Madison and Hamilton might have gone to mull over their latest Federalist Paper. And you could grab a two-top table next to the brick hearth, or sit by the old factory cart turned cocktail table and order up fried oysters and pork belly mac and cheese.

But really, the bar is where the action is. There’s a cook turning out charcuterie from a slicer in the corner. Giant tower taps of Belgian and German beer. Bartenders doing crazy things like garnishing cocktails with duck confit and tobacco leaves, mixing housemade fernet with housemade vanilla cola and squeezing frozen French Quarter Hurricanes out of a slushy machine.

And if you’re in it for the long haul (tip: at this bar, you should be in it for the long haul), they’re going to be rolling out large-format cocktails, like small oak barrels that they’ll tap for your group, and pots of gin, cucumber and Pimm’s over crushed ice.

You’ll ratify anything after that.

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