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A New Pizza Joint from a 5 Seasons Guy

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Sometimes you crave beer.

You crave it all over the place.

In cheese dip. In brownies. In paintings on the wall.

Sometimes you even crave it... in a glass.

Sounds like you should probably meet Slice & Pint, a new come-as-you-damn-well-please pizza joint that’s also a standing homage to all things beer (yes, this includes beer murals now), hoping to open early next week in the old Everybody’s spot in Emory Village.

One of the co-owners is a 5 Seasons Brewing guy, so look out for not-so-subtle beer paraphernalia wherever applicable. Like in the beer-mug candleholders. And in the bathroom sinks (they’re made out of old kegs and taps). But especially in the 15 draft beer options (Left Hand, Bell’s...) behind the copper bar.

Your plan: bring some predisposed-to-devouring-cheesy-things friends here and request the table under the indoor ficus tree. Start with a local draft. Say, Monday Night’s Drafty Kilt. Then, because why not, invent your own three-course pizza dinner. Appetizer: fried pizza sliders and fries with cheddar-beer sauce. Main course: fried-green-tomatoes-and-country-ham pizza. Dessert: beer-infused brownies and s’mores pizza. Congrats. You’ve just made pizza kind of better.

Also worth noting, they’re eventually turning one of the spare rooms into a microbrewery and offering Belgian-style golden ales made with yeast from a Trappist monastery.

Drink beer. Know peace. It’s that easy.


Slice & Pint
1593 N Decatur Rd
Atlanta, GA, 30307


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