On the Waterfront

A Sexy Seaside Stunner in Fort Lauderdale

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Long walks on the beach.

According to several scantily clad centerfolds, that’s apparently a thing that turns people on.

Frankly, you don’t get it. Seems kind of boring.

And besides, you’ve always been more of a sit-at-a-table-and-eat-sashimi-on-the-beach kind of person.

Breathe in the beautifully briny air at S3, a sultry seaside spot for dining on delicately prepared ocean denizens, now open in Fort Lauderdale.

So, you know how beaches are usually just a long and glorious expanse of sand... Well, imagine if one also had a tropical wood terrace on it with lounge seats, fire pits and a large indoor/outdoor bar. That would be great. Also, that would be this place.

If you know someone who would find all of the above (plus point-blank sunsets) sexy, go ahead and bring them here. Get a table out on the deck. Sample sliced hamachi prepared by a former Masa sushi chef. Stare out over the ocean and whisper things to your date about how sometimes nature can make you feel so insignificant. Then, suggest you hold each other.

And, hey, after all of that, maybe try the duck. It’s brined in chai tea. And maybe get an extra bottle of wine, because you should stick around for a while. They don’t close on Friday and Saturday until 2am.

That’ll leave you only nine hours to kill before brunch.


at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
505 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304


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