Mission to Mar

Meet Mar. It’s Got Tequila, Tacos and a Patio.

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Big backyard patios for tequila sippin’

 Tacos and oysters and lamb chop proteins

 These are a few of our favorite things...

Oh, sh*t. Sorry. We didn’t see you there.


We were just thinking about Mar, a new coastal Mexican spot that’s about to grace your life with an absurd amount of tequila, pickled oysters and precious patio space, taking reservations now and opening next Friday in Decatur.

Do yourself a favor: on the walk from the front door to the bar, look around and notice things. Like the big potted driftwood tree and the tables made from a 98-year-old Alabama house. Great. Glad you enjoyed that. Because from this point on, your focus is solely dedicated to tequila, tacos and oysters. So much tequila. So many oysters.

Your first conquest should probably be La Familia (that’s your choice of tequila or gin, watermelon juice and a mint-wrapped goat cheese garnish). Unless you opt for a flight of three tequilas with grilled serrano peppers on the side instead. Either way: tequila’s going down your throat.

Then, if the weather’s agreeable, direct your group out to the fenced-in back patio. It’s quite miraculous. Order for the whole table. Chile-de-árbol-rubbed shrimp. Foie gras empanadas. Fried, pickled or wood-roasted oysters.

Looks like you’ve got a classic oyster dilemma on your hands.

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