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A Bar with a Salami Fetish

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You’re probably thinking about a weekend of glorious sunshine and outdoorsy pursuits.

And you’ll get to that. But first, we’re going to tell you about a place with a lot of salami.

It’s called Etto, it’s from guys behind Obelisk and the Standard, and it’s now soft-open on—where else—14th Street for your next low-key evening of Italian-ness.

In your wanderings around Tuscany, you might have run into places like this—small, rustic, a giant wooden flour mill at the back of the room for pizza dough and bread. Maybe there wouldn’t have been photos of salami on the walls, but yeah, there are here.

You can grab one of the couple dozen seats in the tile-and-brick dining room, but since you want to be where the action is, make for the bar, along with the meat slicer on top of it and the oak-fired pizza oven behind it.

Start things off with a Negroni with housemade vermouth, or maybe a glass of red (it’s all from either Beaujolais or Sicily) before moving on to salamis like wild boar or spicy Calabrian. Then train your eyes on that oven, as it turns out roasted cauliflower pies and cotechino (cooked salami) with fontina and egg.

Ask for a side of salami.

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