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Happy birthday to you.

 Happy birthday to you.

 Happy birthday, dear... you.

 Happy birthday to you.

Yeah, kinda doesn’t matter if it’s actually your birthday today or not. You’re getting cake regardless.

Because Icebox Cafe has returned, along with its brunch, a bar and those ridiculous cakes, now open in Sunset Harbour.

Icebox Cafe. Even when it briefly went away, you knew it would one day return. Between their cakes (that Oprah loved) and their brunch (that everybody loved), it was a veritable South Beach legend. And you know what they say: if it ain’t broke... move the operation to an even bigger location with an organic juice bar and a rotisserie.

So, about these new digs: you should expect a lot of whitewashed tables, bright sunlight and elbow room. Also, a full bar. Why, yes, you are going to be spending a lot of time here with friends on the weekends...

... time that will likely be divided up between eating flat iron steak with yuzu-infused butter, drinking cucumber vodka cocktails and splitting the sweet behemoth that is the Chocolate Delight. You remember that cake. With the dark-chocolate ganache and the layers of cheesecake brownie.

Pretty hard to forget that cake.

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