Porky’s II

Rejoice, the Bacon Bacon Truck Is Back

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Thanksgiving Eve. 2012. You remember it like it was yesterday.

Not because it was Thanksgiving Eve 2012. But because that’s the day the engine of the Bacon Bacon Truck caught on fire and exploded.

You were sad. You were baconless. You were really hoping they would do something about that.

Well, they did. And starting tomorrow, their new and improved ride rolls out.

Here’s precisely what you need to know about it...

It’s bigger. Especially the kitchen.
And with a bigger kitchen comes a bigger menu. Sure, it looks pretty much the same as the original on the outside. But inside, it now has the technology to offer a permanent menu instead of just the old rotating staples. Pork-belly sandwiches. Pork-meatball banh mi. Bacon grilled cheeses with bacon jam. Thanks, pigs.

That menu. It has some new things on it.
New sides like The Balls: panko-crusted, deep-fried baked potato balls with cheese and bacon. New desserts like the That’s That: a candied-bacon ice cream sandwich with bacon-fat chocolate chip cookies and little bacon chips. It’s kind of like froyo, only exactly not.

Ah yes, there’s a tap system now.
And it’ll pour beer and wine at private parties. (Pro tip: throw a private party.) Other than that, you’re looking at kegs of ginger beer or root beer.

(Pro tip: throw a private party.)

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