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A Sexy New Sushi Spot from an MF Vet

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You’ve been wondering what a world without sushi would look like.

Well... stop that.

Stop that right now.

Instead, sharpen your chopsticks for Umi, a come-hither new sushi den from Fuyuhiko Ito (yes, the former MF Sushi guy) for any power-afternooning- and/or first-date-related needs in your immediate future, taking reservations now for the May 17 soft-opening in Buckhead.

Imagine a sexy sake lounge in Tokyo. It’s dim. It’s mysterious. It’s full of quiet little chefs doing things with knives behind white oak sushi bars. Hey, good job. You just imagined this place perfectly. We’re done here. Enjoy.


Let’s put you at that tiny gold bar up front first. You’re getting properly acquainted with your date over raw live scallops and Japanese-whiskey cocktails. Explaining how your drinks were influenced by the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese folklore. Pointing out that the black cypress walls were all hand-charred and that’s why they look like that.

Or just skip the tour and ask for the Ito Omakase dinner. That’s where Ito will ask about your raw-sea-life proclivities. Then he’ll send out things like monkfish-liver pâté and caviar in various and magnificent forms.

You like this guy already.


3050 Peachtree Rd NE, Ste 1
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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