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Deep-Fried Pizza in Culver City

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You know what they say, pizza’s like sex—even when it’s pretty good, it could still be deep-fried.

That’s not quite right, is it.

Either way, point still stands, so here’s some deep-fried pizza:

Ponder the profound ramifications of 041 Bacaro, an unassuming little Italian joint that’s actually gone ahead and assumed you want to try some deep-fried pizza, now open in Culver City.

What you’ll see here first is... pretty much what you’d expect to see in the dictionary under “unassuming little Italian joint (n.).” Think exposed pipes overhead, wine sloshing into tumblers and the always-welcome scent of seafood commingling with carbs. So grab a date, grab some movie tickets and come here before showtime—sit by the windows, wave over a bunch of little plates of pappardelle, today’s fresh catch and...

Actually, maybe don’t do that. Because they have some pizzas, too, and at least one of them is deep-fried, with mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, parmesan and ham. Don’t picture an all-over skin as thick as, say, fried chicken—more like a pizza folded over and fried to a light golden brown. The chef here will tell you that’s a legit, traditional way of doing pizza.

Not that you’ve ever doubted the legitimacy of frying.

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