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Decatur Has a New Cantina. Go to Her.

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We’re spitballing here, but maybe you need a break from tequila for a while.

Then again, maybe you just need it to be drizzled over some waffles instead.

In which case...

Say hola to... Hola Mexican Cantina, a new temple of meat-stuffed-into-tortillas that’s about to cater to all your crispy-chicharrón- and tequila-syrup-related needs, opening next Monday in Decatur.

Mexico. It’s so close, yet so... stuffed inside a corner restaurant with lime-green walls, multicolored neon chairs and a bar pumping out chipotle margaritas and fried-lobster-tail tacos.

Next time you’re craving those aforementioned waffles or ham, pork, béchamel sauce and two fried eggs for breakfast, congratulate yourself on having really specific cravings. Then come here and get the El Señor Crunch Sandwich. Take it out on the patio and start your day with it. Reflect on life with it. Consume it.

Then, later, head back with no less than five friends. Take ownership of the biggest booth inside and have someone send over some short rib tacos. Maybe something to drink. Maybe a few margaritas.

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in.

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