Shaka Down

Measuring the Wind with Your iPhone

None The wind.

For centuries, mankind has relied on either blades of grass thrown into the air or the prophecies of so-called “meteorologists” to understand its movements.

If only there were some sort of portable handheld machine capable of adding wind analysis to its repertoire...

Oh, speaking of: here comes Shaka, a wind-measuring doohickey for your iPhone that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the current blustery weather outside, available for preorder now.

This looks like a little matchbook-sized wind turbine. A little matchbook-sized wind turbine that tells you how fast the wind is moving, which direction it’s going in and how much colder you are now that it’s windy. Kind of like licking your finger and sticking it in the air, but with at least 10% better accuracy. (At least.)

The obvious benefit here: performance-enhanced fairway drives. You’ll download the app (you knew there’d be an app), plug this into your headphone jack and then—ever so inconspicuously—raise your iThing into the air. Then you’ll analyze the data, aim a little more south-southwest and... land that tee shot on the fairway. And then put on a sweater after realizing it’s chilly with the breeze.

Of course, you’ve got plenty of other reasons to get excited about this. Surfing. Sailing. Kite flying. Or whenever a beautiful stranger asks you about the average wind speed.

Happens all the time.

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