Downtown’s First and Only Indian Gastropub

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Quatro de Mayo: a time to prepare for tequila.

Cinco de Mayo: a time for tequila.

Seis de Mayo: a time for Indian gastropubs.

Wait, don’t tell us you’ve never been to an Indian gastropub...

Bask in the curious splendor of Badmaash, a gloriously strange place that’s, yes, the city’s very first Indian gastropub—finally soft-opening Monday in Downtown.

What you’ve got here is two stories of cheerily sacrilegious Indian madness, with walls covered in purple and orange and sea foam and flickering old Bollywood movies. Might help to know right off that “badmaash” is Hindi for “badass.” So... this isn’t really the place to bring anybody’s Indian grandparents. Unless they’re the fun beer-drinking kind.

No, come here with a bunch of friends doing the Downtown thing, commandeer some seats upstairs where you can see everything—and then it begins.

Tandoori-spiced chicken wings. Spicy lamb burgers. Short rib samosas. Chicken tikka masala poutine. We repeat: chicken tikka masala poutine. So yeah, you could eat all that stuff and then go get some beers... but honestly, it’s probably going to take a while. There’s no rush. They’ve got 14 craft beers waiting. And they’re playing your favorite Indian movie.

You just can’t think of the title right now.


108 W 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012


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