Gear Shift

The City’s Very First Ice Cream Bike

None Bikes. You know how bikes work.

There are wheels and chains and gears and handlebars and breaks and sometimes a little horn on the front.

Or a giant wooden box full of ice cream in the middle.

Pop a wheelie for Sear’N Gears, a custom bike with a cargo hold full of frozen treats, now rolling around Wynwood and Downtown mostly.

Think ice cream man meets neighborhood paperboy. Pretty great, we know. If you’re looking for someone to thank for this, you’re looking for A.J. He’s a cook from Michael’s Genuine. This 150-pound dessert bike: his brainchild. He’s going to ride it around on Fridays and Saturdays... which, coincidentally, are two of your top seven days for eating ice cream.

So let’s suppose tomorrow it’s 86 degrees with 66% humidity and a UV index of 11 (oh, wait, it is). You’re overheated/hungry/seeing waffle-cone-related mirages. That’s when you’ll take to Twitter, track down this bike and score yourself some orange-mango-saffron ice cream with mint-infused whipped cream. Or whatever flavor combinations A.J. is experimenting with this week.

For now, it’s going to be pretty much just handmade, locally sourced ice cream. But soon, there’ll be things like wraps, pitas and sandwiches stocked on the bike.

We assume you like at least one of those three.

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