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120 Beers and a Waffle Bar in Logan

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By now, the sequence is familiar to you: local chef opens great restaurant. Local chef appears on Top Chef. Local chef opens bigger, greater restaurant. Here then is Bart Vandaele of Belga Café fame, doubling down on the Belgian thing with B Too on 14th Street, taking reservations now for a Tuesday opening. Below, four reasons to go there...

Delicious beer. First thing you see: a bar with 12 gleaming chrome taps. Start there, or request the bound list of 120 or so bottles. Or there’s always a beer cocktail, maybe a Belgian tripel with bourbon and ginger liqueur.

A clandestine date. For getting-to-know-you purposes, head down the wine-lined staircase to a lounge outfitted in glass, brick and the occasional metal ox skull. Then grab a sofa and share one of eight mussels-and-frites options or a bone-in ribeye for two.

A late-night waffle. Next to the main bar: that would be a 12-seat waffle bar in the window, open late for your foie gras waffle pleasure.

Brunch on a Tuesday. Give it a few weeks, and they’ll be serving up brunch every morning, so you can start holding business meetings over lobster-and-egg skillets, mussel-stuffed waffles and maybe a beer spiked with Bloody Mary mix.

And you used to hate meetings.


B Too
1324 14th St NW
(between N and Rhode Island)
Washington, DC, 20005


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