Ice Cream Taco

Served Up

The Blessed Union of Tacos and Ice Cream

None Take a moment to reflect on the glorious taco.

The breakfast kind. The late-night kind. The... regular kind.

Oh, hey, don’t forget the mint chocolate chip ice cream and rainbow sprinkles kind.

Because the age of the Ice Cream Taco is upon us, and with it: all kinds of waffle cone/three scoops/unlimited toppings delightfulness, available this Sunday at Pokey O’s.

So, right. Ice cream taco. Pretty self-explanatory. Hard to believe no one’s done this sooner. Maybe packaged it up in a chocolate cone. Called it a “Choco Taco.”

Anyway, this thing starts with your standard waffle-cone-in-the-shape-of-a-taco-shell. From there, you’ve got 16 ice cream flavors and a bunch of toppings to choose from (we’d advise against shredded lettuce).

Obviously, an opportunity like this shouldn’t be wasted. So don’t hold back. Experiment. March right up to the counter and demand a Neapolitan ice cream taco. Because that’s a thing now. Then, top it with Oreos. And pretzels. And those little colorful sprinkles that make you feel like a kid again. A kid whose precious childhood was completely wasted on eating tacos and ice cream separately.

Yup, you’ll never get those years back...


Ice Cream Taco
at Pokey O’s
3034 Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX, 75205

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