Chari Amour

The Most Eclectic Online Bike Shop Ever

Every year around this time, it happens.

That feeling.

The sudden, overwhelming urge to pack up, leave behind your old self and live out the rest of your days as a high-speed bike messenger.

Or... maybe not.

Maybe you just get the urge to browse around a really nice bike shop.

In that case, check out Chari & Co NYC, an elite emporium of all things bicycle-related (and a few things that aren’t) from Manhattan’s Lower East Side that just opened its web-based outpost, online now.

The first thing to know: it gets its name from the Japanese word for “bike.” And true to form, they’ve got some top-notch crankshafts from Osaka. But they’ve also got wheels from France. And handsome chinos from Brooklyn. (Though if you’re into spandex... they’ve got that, too.)

So maybe you want a tune-up before the Tour de France. Or need a damn-near-indestructible frame for cruising the boardwalk. These are your guys. You’ll stop by the site, peruse every possible piece of bicycle anatomy and maybe come away with some sunglasses or a messenger bag while you’re at it. Even if you have no idea how to ride a bike, you should probably see what’s in store.

And probably also learn how to ride a bike.

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