Dante’s Table

To Hell with You

A Divine Comedy–Themed Italian Spot on Castro

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You know, you were just thinking... Dante’s Divine Comedy.

It’s about time someone opened an Italian restaurant loosely themed around it.

Infernos. Negronis. Purgatory. Pizza. The whole nine.


Give a warm, unnecessarily philosophical welcome to Dante’s Table, a laid-back neighborhood spot named after one of Italy’s most famous poets. That also has pizza, panini, Negronis and vodka limoncello. It’s now open in the Castro.

Your journey begins in hell. Don’t worry, though. It’s just the Inferno-themed main dining room. There’s a mural of a forest in there. Big communal table. Copper-topped bar. Pick that last one and have a seat. There’s an Italian chef who earned his stripes at Cotogna back in the kitchen. And he’s getting antsy.

Give him some risotto balls and a thin-crust margherita pie to work on. Check out the chalkboard Negroni menu while you’re waiting. It’ll change constantly, but look for anything from regular Negronis to their White Negroni made with Cocchi Americano, Bols Genever and Gran Classico bitters. Doesn’t matter at all. Just point and say, “Gimme.”

When the dust finally settles, take a walk down that hallway over there. That’s Purgatory. And come late May, it will lead you directly to Paradise. Which—you guessed it—will be a sunny patio filled with wine on tap and vodka limoncello and fried zucchini blossoms.

That Dante guy had it all figured out.


Dante’s Table
544 Castro St
(at 18th)
San Francisco, CA, 94114


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