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And now, an excerpt from the book entitled Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Pizza

“Pizza is great.”

Okay, we lied. That wasn’t an excerpt from the book entitled Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Pizza. It was the entire thing.

Oh, and we lied again, that book doesn’t exist. But still, fact stands. Pizza is great.

Case in point, Cane Rosso White Rock, the second pizza outpost from Jay Jerrier and one that’s stocked with wood-fired pies, cured meats and Texas beers, now open.

This place is basically a shrine to Neapolitan-style pizza. The big white oven sears pies at around 900 degrees. The taps pour Texas drafts like Peticolas and Revolver. And the patio’s a fine place for enjoying all of the above with a breeze.

First, you’ll have to find this spot. It’s kind of hidden. Like a pizza speakeasy. Or like a pizza joint in a random shopping center. Anyway, once inside, take a moment for yourself. Inhale all that glorious crust being charred in the oven. Nice. Then, find a seat. Maybe at the granite bar. Or there’s that patio again.

Either way, you came here to eat. So order a pie with housemade mozzarella and Luscher’s Post Oak Italian sausage. Or prosciutto, artichokes and mushrooms. Just, you know, make sure you get pizza.

It’s kind of their thing here.


Cane Rosso White Rock
7328 Gaston Ave, Ste 100
Dallas, TX, 75214


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