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Oysters, Octopus and Wine by the Ocean

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If there’s one thing you want in your seafood shanties...

It’s a totally dark hole-in-the-wall, all moody and languid and severe.

Just kidding: sunlight. Beach air. Buoys swinging from the ceiling. That’s what you want. This is California.

And this: this is Fishing with Dynamite, a rowdy little oyster spot just steps from the pier (brought to you by the esteemed chef/owner of M.B. Post a couple doors down), finally opening early next week in Manhattan Beach.

Consider the next few months. But not the work and commute parts. Only consider the parts when you’re lounging around on the beach with some sand beneath your feet, and the sun is setting into the ocean, and somebody is reading a magazine, and then somebody else says, “Man, I could sure go for a few oysters and some grilled octopus with tomato-harissa-date chutney.”

Stand up, brush the sand from your shorts and head here—there are just a few tables, eight stools at the raw bar and four more at the bar-bar. But that’s plenty of room for your group to make the place your own. Order some champagne to start, then settle in for classics (shellfish towers), new stuff (see above re: octopus and chutney) and dessert (a blueberry-lemon shake).

No word on shake towers.


Fishing with Dynamite
1148 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266


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