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Brick-Oven Pizza in Brickell

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Let’s do a math word problem.

If train A leaves Chicago traveling 100 mph and train B leaves New York traveling 150 mph, and the distance between the two cities is 790 miles, how long will it take a couple of pizzaiolos to make an authentic Neapolitan pie in Brickell...

The answer: 50 seconds.

Give a quick hello to Stanzione 87, a new old-world pizzeria that’s capable of churning out gently charred pies in just under a minute, now open.

This place has been rubber-stamped as an official vendor of Neapolitan pies by the Neapolitan government. That means: 1) They’re really good at pizza. 2) They use only the finest San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella from Campania and a wood-fired oven that makes pies measuring precisely 35 centimeters in diameter. Hey, rules are rules.

You won’t find anything crazy when you walk in—just a white-walled space with marble tables, steel chairs and a domed Ferrara brick oven that churns out pizza in 50 seconds (go ahead, time them). Blistering pies made from Sicilian sea salt, Italian flour and extra-virgin olive oil, topped with a few basics like salami or prosciutto. Yeah, don’t ask for pineapple here.

The best way to utilize a 50-second pizzeria in Brickell: quick lunch. That was easy. Or, coming soon: delivery.

That may take longer than 50 seconds, though.

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