Play Dough

Keeping Time Like It’s 1916

None Quick, look at the time.

No, no... you’re doing it all wrong.

You were supposed to gawk and stare. And bask in the mesmerizing intricacies of turn-of-the-century watchmaking. And then see where the big hand and little hand are.

Here, allow us to demonstrate:

Get your wrists ready for The DoughBoy Watch Company, a new one-man timepiecing enterprise turning antique pocket watches into fully functional, fully beautiful wristwatches, online now.

Quick history lesson: back in World War I, soldiers fastened pocket watches to their wrists after discovering that having two free hands made staying alive easier. And a hundred or so years later: this guy in Philadelphia decides to do the same thing. Which brings us to today, when you discover that wearing a 113-year-old gold-plated timekeeping device makes looking at your wrist more interesting than ever.

It goes like this. He scours flea markets, auctions and estate sales for the most gorgeous art-deco-style pocket watches out there. He cleans them. Repairs them. Whispers sweet nothings into their movements. And then he slaps a nice leather strap on ’em and puts them on the Internet. Whereupon you procure yourself a 1920s nickel-cased one and begin answering questions about Jazz Age horological craftsmanship.

Or the time of day, depending on who’s asking.

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