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Pho is me. Hustle and pho. I pity the pho. What a Pho Believes. Pho Whom the Bell Tolls. Pho Your Eyes Only. The Artist Phomerly Known as Prince.

Pho puns. Nothing better than pho puns.

Except, you know, actually eating pho...

(And yeah, it’s pronounced “fuh,” but who gives a fuh.)

Meet Mot Hai Ba, a Vietnamese joint from the Good 2 Go Taco ladies that’s serving pho, banh mi and other foods that lend themselves well to wordplay, opening Tuesday in Lakewood.

What you’ve got here: a cozy little spot—just 30 seats inside and 20 on the patio. There’re steel tables, exposed brick walls and lots of straight-from-Hanoi art. Oh, and a menu filled with North Vietnamese delicacies like five-spice chicken wings, fried frog legs and char-grilled prawns. That part’s important.

Now, there’ll probably be a day next week when you’re hungry and require something specific. Like lunch. Or dinner. Or braised oxtail. That’s when you’ll come here. Ask a date to join. Claim one of the tables along the wall, and begin filling it with bowls of soup, some of that oxtail and local beer. Well, local to Vietnam, anyway.

You’ll make a toast. You’ll tell some jokes. You’ll both laugh and agree to order the homemade donut holes for dessert.

An appreciation for donut holes: yet another thing you two have in common.

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