Go Fish

Yeah. Standing. Fishing. Kayaking.

None EDITOR’S NOTE: Listen, we know things are crazy out there right now. This story was just written and sent to you today to hopefully take your mind off how messed up things have gotten for a minute. We hope you can have a good day. And, as always, stay strong. —UD Boston

It’s understandable if you want to get away today.

To fish, let’s say.

But you don’t fish. Because you can’t stand up while doing it on a kayak.

That ends... now.

Get all ESPN73 with the Stand-Up Fisherman’s Kayak, basically a regular kayak that transforms into a bass-fishing-ready sturdy boat-thing that you can stand on while dropping your bobber in the water, available now.

As far as modern takes on kayaks go, this one is super kayak-y. Eighty-five pounds. About 10 feet long. Buoyant (important). But where it gets interesting is the back pointy part, which splits in two and extends out at 45 degrees, like a nautical Transformer.

So picture it: you’re paddling through the reeds, tracking that whopper of a bass your grandpappy told campfire stories about. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of it. That’s when you lift and snap the stabilizer rail into place. Pull yourself up to a standing position with the built-in rope. Throw your feet on the pads. Voilà: you’re securely standing on water. And fishing.

Oh, and if you need to go into stealth mode on “Ol’ Guppy,” there’s a 12-foot pole you can use to move around without the roar of an outboard engine.

Might want to put your phone on silent, too.


Stand-Up Fisherman’s Kayak

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