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Today, we’re doing something you’ve probably wanted to do for a long time.

Putting Michael Schwartz and South Beach in the same sentence.

Triumphantly cross the MacArthur for Restaurant Michael Schwartz, SoBe’s newest date-night powerhouse and the second offering from the chef this month, opening Monday at the Raleigh.

Yup, the Raleigh. And Michael Schwartz. And South Beach. This is a big deal. A big deal that has a real retro vibe to it—linen drapes, terrazzo floors, a copper bar cart stocked with quite a fair amount of vodka (it’s always nice when your martini comes to you).

What you’ll want/need to do is make a reservation now for when they open next week. Table for two. 8pm. Outdoor patio. Look over the menu. It’s got a healthy dose of Schwartzian staples like deviled eggs, steak tartare and dry-aged porterhouse. You know how Schwartz do.

And if you come by on a Monday starting in May, you’ll see how he does with a four-course, weekly rotating, wine-accompanied, family-style menu.

Actual family optional.

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