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A South American Grill in Penn Quarter

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South America’s demanding your attention right now. Big elections in Venezuela. Popes from Argentina.

And whoa, here comes a giant board of grilled meats and chimichurri sauce.

Open up and say hola to Del Campo, a temple to South American carnivorousness that doesn’t require you to cross the equator, taking reservations now for a Monday opening in Penn Quarter.

If you’ve ever looked at an entire table of food and said, “Someone should really grill all of this,” then this is the place for you, what with charred peas, burnt tomatoes, blistered greens and cocktails with grilled citrus all appearing on the menu.

Bring some friends here when you’re celebrating something (the existence of meat, for instance). Grab an oak table and get to work on grilled prawns and bone-in strip steak finished in an herb smoke box. Or in a few weeks, head for the nine-seat Asado Bar, basically a chef’s table that looks into the grill. There, you’ll start out with big South American wines decanted into ceramic penguins, while the chef rolls out boards of beef, lamb and sweetbreads.

Of course, your meaty pursuits needn’t be so structured. The regular bar stays open late if you feel like capping off your night with a pisco sour and a pork-belly sandwich.

We hear that’s how the pope rolls.


Del Campo
777 I St NW
Washington, DC, 20001


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